A Powerful Tool to Attract New Donors and Event Participants

How do you meet the challenge of chasing the same donors as other charities with similar fundraising events? This is the lament of almost every organizer of a fundraising run, walk or cycling event – and the explosive growth in the number of athletic fundraisers makes it tougher each and every year.

However, a Strategic Point-of-Purchase (POP) Campaign is a tried and tested method that can help mitigate this challenge. POPs have grown in importance to become a key element in raising awareness and driving registrations for many types of fundraisers, particularly community oriented fundraising events. One company in particular, Events Marketing has rewritten the rules on POP campaigns, to create a highly impactful, measured service that is making a big difference to their non-profit clients.

Here are a couple of real life examples to think about.  A Events Marketing client had been running an event in Montreal for several years. Registrations had flat-lined and they were looking for new ways to attract registrations on a tight marketing budget. They hired Events Marketing to execute a small campaign.

The result? Registrations went up by 30%!

Another client had been using volunteers to distribute POPs for the past few years. However, lack of accurate reporting meant that the client could never be sure how many POPs actually made it to retail. Furthermore, volunteers were bringing them to their local hair salon or dry cleaners, but these were not necessarily in the neighbourhoods with the highest correlation to the event’s target demographic. They hired Events Marketing to conduct a Strategic POP Campaign targeting high traffic retail in the right neighbourhoods and the result was in the client’s words:

“Our most successful sign up numbers ever!”

A well-executed Strategic POP Campaign will reach as many people as an outdoor billboard, a print campaign or a broadcast campaign. However, people can take home the marketing message in the form of a brochure, so that the POP can generate registrations immediately and continuously, even many months later. An outdoor, print or radio campaign cannot match this kind of street-level awareness.

POPs will create multiple impressions in the selected neighbourhoods, so that your message is being seen many times by your target audience over an extended timeframe – again not an option with the other forms of advertising. And, best of all, a Strategic POP Campaign is very budget friendly and typically a fraction of the cost of the equivalent number of impressions via other forms of media.