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Make 2015 an Amazing Year! Here’s How…

Are you one of those who make New Year resolutions?  Whether you embrace or eschew to concept, at some point each year it’s critically important to carry out some self-assessment, particularly on the professional front as it’s such a big part of our life.  While it may be easier to coast along and believe everything happens for a reason, I do not personally subscribe to that philosophy as it releases us from taking ownership for our lives. We are our own masters, directors of our life’s performance. Have you crafted the life you want for yourself, or have you allowed completely random forces around you to shape your life? Sometimes we make poor choices for the right reasons. Sometimes we make great choices for the wrong reasons. One thing is constant: as humans we will make up the reasons to justify the actions and that is not always a good thing. Why? The risk is that we can lull ourselves into a dissatisfying complacency, ignoring our deeper selves and how to find or maintain profound meaning and connection in our lives.  So when do you do the deep thinking about what you want out of life? I encourage you to take some time through the month of January to reflect on the past year and assess yourself honestly, set some goals for this next year.  Support the goals with new plans, new ideas, and new thinking. Be creative, be fearless!  To help with the process, here is a wonderful TED Talk by Ruth Chang: “How to make hard choices”.    Good luck, Happy New Year and have an Amazing 2015!

Sourcing Fresh New Participants for your Athletic Fundraising Event

If you are responsible for planning an athletic fundraising event then you probably know the challenges associated with attracting new event participants. Athletic fundraising events have become so popular that Not-for-Profits are now essentially competing against one another for fundraising dollars. So how do you reach new event participants?

We would like to share our Participant Analysis Tool, so that you can evaluate from which quadrants your event attendees are coming for improved marketing planning. One axis defines the potential participant’s commitment to the cause, while the other defines their involvement with the athletic activity.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 17.19.41

The top right hand corner is where you will generally find your strongest donor participants: they are compelled by your cause and enjoy the sport around which your event is built.

Our clients would generally agree that they do a great job along one or both of the axes. For example, promoting your event at another athletic event to tap into new athletic individuals for your mission. Alternatively, those who are well informed and interested in your mission may be easily persuaded to increase their involvement by participating in your event, even if they aren’t athletically inclined.

Quadrant D is the most challenging, and at the same time presents the largest untapped opportunity to bring new donors and event participants into your organization.

Using our Tool, mark from where (and how!) you are getting new event attendees through your existing marketing efforts. Are there any quadrants that have been completely forgotten?

If your marketing plan is under-funded in tapping these brand new and hard to reach participants, you are not alone. However, a balanced marketing plan will not overlook this group. In order to sustain growth in your event, you should look to 15% of your event attendees being brand new event participants.

This is the arena in which Front Line Donor Development can play a role in increasing registrations for your event across all four quadrants. Front Line Donor Development is a range of services developed specifically for the Not-for-Profit Sector. These services use the power of face-to-face marketing to help you look in areas in which your competitors are not looking for fresh new event registrants and donor support.  Call us to explore how you can put Front Line Donor Development to work for you in growing your donor and event participant base!

CRTC getting tough on spammers starting July 1st

The number of unsolicited messages that any of us receive daily has skyrocketed. Some are outright trying to sell us stuff. Some try to trick us into letting them into our bank accounts. Some are malware delivered in emails, or programs, or music downloads that compromise the functionality of our computers. They range from annoying to downright destructive.  From this perspective, Canada’s new anti-SPAM legislation will serve to protect consumers and will hopefully provide some measure of relief from the daily attack of SPAM email.

This legislation has serious implications for any marketers involved in email marketing. It has the power to drastically change how you market and sell your products, because it applies to all electronic messages including email, text and instant messaging. Under the new legislation, marketers need both Opt-In an Opt-Out features in their online marketing content. The new law defines and differentiates consent, as “express” and “implied”, and there are time constraints on each, putting a much heavier burden of responsibility on marketers.

Canada’s new legislation is the toughest in the world. Penalties are high. While administrative penalties for non-compliance are up to $10,000, summary conviction offenses come with a fine of up to $100,000 for the first offence, and up to $250,000 for any subsequent offence. It is clear that the CRTC wishes to get tough on the most egregious offenders. The law is comprehensive and complex, and it will undoubtedly be challenged in the courts. It remains to be seen how exceptions will be defined over time. In the meantime, Marketers must take action quickly to be compliant. Permissions must be in place as of July 1st. Once that date is passed, if you have not secured permission, it will be too late and your email marketing will be in contravention of the new law.

Stay tuned for more advice on how to prepare for this new legislation.

A Powerful Tool to Attract New Donors and Event Participants

How do you meet the challenge of chasing the same donors as other charities with similar fundraising events? This is the lament of almost every organizer of a fundraising run, walk or cycling event – and the explosive growth in the number of athletic fundraisers makes it tougher each and every year.

However, a Strategic Point-of-Purchase (POP) Campaign is a tried and tested method that can help mitigate this challenge. POPs have grown in importance to become a key element in raising awareness and driving registrations for many types of fundraisers, particularly community oriented fundraising events. One company in particular, Events Marketing has rewritten the rules on POP campaigns, to create a highly impactful, measured service that is making a big difference to their non-profit clients.

Here are a couple of real life examples to think about.  A Events Marketing client had been running an event in Montreal for several years. Registrations had flat-lined and they were looking for new ways to attract registrations on a tight marketing budget. They hired Events Marketing to execute a small campaign.

The result? Registrations went up by 30%!

Another client had been using volunteers to distribute POPs for the past few years. However, lack of accurate reporting meant that the client could never be sure how many POPs actually made it to retail. Furthermore, volunteers were bringing them to their local hair salon or dry cleaners, but these were not necessarily in the neighbourhoods with the highest correlation to the event’s target demographic. They hired Events Marketing to conduct a Strategic POP Campaign targeting high traffic retail in the right neighbourhoods and the result was in the client’s words:

“Our most successful sign up numbers ever!”

A well-executed Strategic POP Campaign will reach as many people as an outdoor billboard, a print campaign or a broadcast campaign. However, people can take home the marketing message in the form of a brochure, so that the POP can generate registrations immediately and continuously, even many months later. An outdoor, print or radio campaign cannot match this kind of street-level awareness.

POPs will create multiple impressions in the selected neighbourhoods, so that your message is being seen many times by your target audience over an extended timeframe – again not an option with the other forms of advertising. And, best of all, a Strategic POP Campaign is very budget friendly and typically a fraction of the cost of the equivalent number of impressions via other forms of media.


POPs – The EM Difference

Events Marketing’s strategic POP distribution service stands head and shoulders above the competition in delivering unrivalled visibility for your event registration materials.  What is the EM difference?  It begins right at the strategic planning stage, when we spend valuable time understanding your specific campaign requirements and target demographic to build a project plan tailor-made for your event. Using postcodes of your previous event registrants, we produce maps to show exactly where in the city your supporters are located, street by street and neighbourhood by neighbourhood.  Armed with this valuable data, we plan exactly how much of your valuable marketing collateral should be placed in each area of the city so that nothing goes to waste.

Then, using our comprehensive national database of high traffic retail routes, we plan a distribution campaign to deliver maximum in-store exposure for your event registration materials at a range of carefully selected, quality retail locations.   From major national chains to hip local boutiques, we make sure that you are in all of the right locations to reach your target demographic and drive registrations.  Our field distribution teams carry only your materials and each POP placement is individually approved, store by store.  Detailed weekly reporting keeps you closely in the loop on campaign progress and a final audit and wrap-up report complete the picture.

Whether you are planning a major national POP campaign in 30+ markets or a targeted local distribution in one key city, EM’s strategic POP distribution will deliver the results which you have been looking for.  We are the leading agency in Canada to the non-profit sector and experts in field-based fundraising techniques.  Contact us today to discover more about our POP distribution and other Front Line Donor Development services.

Measuring the Strategic Value of POP Distributions

A strategic distribution of just 1,000 POPs can easily generate between 1,500,000 and 3,000,000 impressions per month for your event or campaign!  Are you surprised by just how much exposure Events Marketing’s campaigns generate? Now compare this to traditional media such as radio, tv and press, and the tremendous value of a strategic POP campaign becomes clear!

Why are Events Marketing’s POP campaigns so effective?  Each POP placement is individually approved in store by our distribution teams and set up in the most visible location in carefully selected high traffic retail locations.  The result is unrivalled exposure to your target demographic and a measurable impact on event registrations.

As well as the primary impressions which each POP creates in store, there are also the secondary and tertiary impressions generated by the brochures which the POP contains.  Event brochures are taken by your target demographic to their homes and workplaces and act both as a reminder to register and a topic of conversation which spreads the word still further.  With 20-30 brochures in each POP the multiplier effect is huge!  Results like these are why our clients use our strategic POP distributions year after year as a key piece of the their event media and marketing strategy.

Contact us at or call 416.364.9417 today to find out how our competitively priced, strategic POP distribution service can give your next event the edge!

Looking for fresh ways to find new registrants for your fundraising event?

With summer just around the corner and event season about to get into full swing, Events Marketing’s Street Teams and Brand Ambassador programs are the perfect way to take your campaign messaging to another level and connect with new event registrants and donors.

At carefully selected high-traffic locations, our Street Teams target your event demographic, initiate valuable one-on-one conversations and uncover new event registrants and donors, capturing important contact information for your follow up. Add in a contest or promotion (a discounted event registration fee or early bird special, for example) for added impact!

Whether local, provincial or national, we will work with you to build a Front Line Donor Development program to suit your budget and deliver amazing results!  E-mail us today or call 416.364.9417 to find out how.


Field Marketing for the Non-Profit Sector

Events Marketing specializes in field marketing for the Non-Profit Sector. We have developed unique, high impact activities that raise awareness, registrations, and donations in local markets.

Let’s talk about the Strategic POP Campaign… POP stands for “point of purchase” and refers to a compact display that hosts campaign materials in the form of a brochure or postcard. These campaigns are designed to deliver Breakthrough Visibility for your event registration materials.  How is this achieved?  It begins with a detailed analysis of your requirements, a strong understanding of your target (or desired) demographic as elements in a careful planning process. We then apply our deep knowledge of Canada’s cities to determine the neighbourhoods and quantities best allocated to your campaign. The end result is POP coverage tailor-made for your event.

Since 2004 we have been working in Canada’s cities, developing exclusive “routes” where retailers have become familiar with the visits from our professional Campaign Brand Ambassadors who deliver materials and promote your event.

Over the years, we’ve seen dramatic changes in many cities. In response we have also grown and evolved our routes to include new neighbourhoods that have sprouted up attracting affluent families, professionals and other key demographic populations. If you tell us whom you want to reach, we can build the plan to create the awareness!

Detailed weekly reporting keeps you apprised of campaign progress. Once a campaign is complete, we deploy our independent auditors. Their findings along with other campaign details are delivered to you in a Final Report.

Whether you are planning a major national roll-out in all of Canada’s major and minor markets, or a targeted local initiative in one key city, we have the experience, local market knowledge, resource management expertise, and proven methods to deliver results to your athletic or community fundraising event.

Click to contact us today and find out how we can drive registrations and build community awareness for your next event.

A New Twist on Traditional Media and Fundraising Events

A media buy including print ads and radio spots has long been revered for generating broad awareness and support for Fundraising Events.  What is not widely understood is that Events Marketing’s specially designed Strategic POP Campaign Services can outperform traditional media.

In surveys of event registrants, our clients report that POPs rank number 3 in awareness creation.  Event attendees report word-of-mouth recommendations as the number 1 way they heard about the event.  The event website was ranked number 2.  This direct feedback shows that POPs generate significant awareness for events!

A well-orchestrated Strategic POP Campaign will deliver more value to your campaign than a much more costly media buy.  In fact, top fundraising event managers consider POPs as an essential and cost effective part of the awareness campaign.  In simple terms, more people will report hearing about your event due to the brochures that a POP distributes into the community than will report hearing a radio ad….by a factor of 3!

Contact us at  or call 416.364.9417 today to find out how our competitively priced, strategic POP distribution service can help you reach your event registration and fundraising goals in 2013!