Maximize Your Brand Visibility With Mobile Street Teams

Right across Canada, the summer event season is about to shift into high gear with outdoor festivals, lively cultural events, farmers markets, fairs and exciting city-wide celebrations.  It’s not too late to send an Events Marketing Mobile Street Team into those high traffic, high value consumer outdoor crowds to create face-to-face connections with new consumers and strengthen awareness of your brand promise.

Canada’s summer events draw millions of consumers on to the streets of our cities, whether it’s for jazz in Toronto, fireworks in Vancouver or cowboys in Calgary.  At many of these events, it is simply cost-prohibitive to have an official presence with a traditional exhibitor booth or larger event sponsorship.  But with a mobile street team, either on foot or arriving in a branded vehicle, you can access the crowds at a fraction of the cost!  With our in-depth knowledge of events from coast to coast, we can customize a schedule that targets your demographic and fits your budget.  With Mobile Street Teams there is no time consuming set-up and tear-down of event equipment to worry about, so we can allocate resources where they matter most – generating valuable face-to-face interactions with your target consumer!  We can mobilize our Street Teams to target only the busiest event periods, delivering the maximum number of interactions in the shortest time and generating fantastic ROI on your marketing spend.  Add a Social Media contest and watch your in-field activities generate a measurable online response!

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