Sourcing Fresh New Participants for your Athletic Fundraising Event

If you are responsible for planning an athletic fundraising event then you probably know the challenges associated with attracting new event participants. Athletic fundraising events have become so popular that Not-for-Profits are now essentially competing against one another for fundraising dollars. So how do you reach new event participants?

We would like to share our Participant Analysis Tool, so that you can evaluate from which quadrants your event attendees are coming for improved marketing planning. One axis defines the potential participant’s commitment to the cause, while the other defines their involvement with the athletic activity.

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The top right hand corner is where you will generally find your strongest donor participants: they are compelled by your cause and enjoy the sport around which your event is built.

Our clients would generally agree that they do a great job along one or both of the axes. For example, promoting your event at another athletic event to tap into new athletic individuals for your mission. Alternatively, those who are well informed and interested in your mission may be easily persuaded to increase their involvement by participating in your event, even if they aren’t athletically inclined.

Quadrant D is the most challenging, and at the same time presents the largest untapped opportunity to bring new donors and event participants into your organization.

Using our Tool, mark from where (and how!) you are getting new event attendees through your existing marketing efforts. Are there any quadrants that have been completely forgotten?

If your marketing plan is under-funded in tapping these brand new and hard to reach participants, you are not alone. However, a balanced marketing plan will not overlook this group. In order to sustain growth in your event, you should look to 15% of your event attendees being brand new event participants.

This is the arena in which Front Line Donor Development can play a role in increasing registrations for your event across all four quadrants. Front Line Donor Development is a range of services developed specifically for the Not-for-Profit Sector. These services use the power of face-to-face marketing to help you look in areas in which your competitors are not looking for fresh new event registrants and donor support.  Call us to explore how you can put Front Line Donor Development to work for you in growing your donor and event participant base!