Brand Promotion’s Third Dimension: Experiential Marketing

As the advertising industry has matured, traditional media have lost their appeal to many consumers. Additionally, technology is changing the role of the consumer by enabling him to interact with a brand prior to purchase. The result is that marketing in the 21st century is now all about brand experience, and is moving away from the traditional role as a conduit to communicate brand attributes.

In today’s world of marketing, we have many new buzzwords: Experiential Marketing, Engagement Marketing, Event Marketing, Field Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Live Marketing, Face-to-Face Marketing. The practice is called many different things: but what is it exactly?

Experiential Marketing is about creating memorable experiences for consumers and giving them the chance to really interact with a brand. These experiences can range from getting product samples into the hands of target consumers, to creating a multi-sensory and interactive brand environment with multiple touch-points to communicate with the target consumer.

What do consumers feel about being marketed to in this way? Recent surveys reveal that over half of consumers surveyed said they prefer experiential marketing to every other form of marketing. The survey showed experiential marketing as highly effective in regaining lapsed customers and gaining more purchase activity from current customers. Consumers also reported that experiential marketing is preferred over print, radio and TV.

Experiential marketing fully envelops the consumer in your brand by creating memorable experiences and connections through live interaction. These brand activations, as they’ve come to be called, allow a brand to stand out from its competitors while also breeding customer loyalty by focusing on an emotional connection. Events Marketing has established a solid reputation for delivering high impact experiential marketing engagements with our “Special Sauce”, a combination of leading edge creative; seasoned, high-touch project management and the best talent in field marketing across the nation!

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