GUM Brands Softpicks Tours Summer Outdoor Festivals

GUM Brands Softpicks Tours Summer Outdoor Festivals

Events Marketing campaign for GUM brand who markets a unique disposable toothpick product. It is a great portable solution for those eating out. While existing customers are very loyal, attracting new customers is challenging as people don’t initially understand the product’s benefits.  Find out how Events Marketing helped to solve this problem.

The Solution

The decision was made to launch a summer program at busy outdoor events with a guerilla style consumer facing field marketing campaign. Events Marketing was selected by GUM Brands to run a guerrilla summer sampling program promoting the Softpicks product. The program targeted six of the highest traffic outdoor foodie events around the GTA over the June-July period.

Featured Services

  • Market research
  • Event booking and management
  • Brand ambassador recruitment & staffing
  • Social media engagement
  • Event logistics

The Results

Events Marketing successful summer event campaign  reach exceeded 1,500,000, exposing Softpicks to large numbers of consumers, both existing and potential new customers. The teams delivered a total of 226,500 samples and 11,500 coupons into the hands of consumers, which resulted in sales lifts during the following 6 months in the GTA area where the promotions took place, and delivered solid campaign ROI.