Petcurean Discovers the Power of Face to Face Marketing

Petcurean Discovers the Power of Face to Face Marketing

Petcurean is a Canadian-owned company and market leader in pet nutrition since 1999. Its top quality lines of pet food are sold primarily through the highly competitive pet specialty retail channel. In late 2013, following a highly successful rebranding, Petcurean launched the “Savour Every Moment” campaign. The goal was to build mind share, heart share and market share for their brands, “Now Fresh” and “Go!”. Petcurean recognized that an experiential campaign would be an essential element in this campaign. Here is that story.


The Solution

Petcurean chose Events Marketing to rapidly expand its presence with the “Savour Every Moment” campaign. Working closely with Petcurean’s marketing team, Events Marketing planned and executed a high impact experiential campaign with exhibitor participation at consumer and pet events across North America in 2004.

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  • Market research
  • Event management
  • Brand Ambassador recruitment & staffing
  • Social media engagement
  • Event logistics
  • Advanced brand ambassador training and performance management

The Solution

Taking a best in class highly interactive trade show booth on the road, Events Marketing together with Petcurean drew crowds at consumer and pet events across Canada and the US. Our carefully selected and trained Brand Ambassadors shared the “Savour Every Moment” message with booth visitors and animal lovers at each event creating unique and memorable experiences, generating strong brand interest, and promoting product trial.

We capitalized on highly creative interactive experiences within the booth by developing four unique brand “stories” with which to engage and educate consumers.
At the first interactive station booth visitors could watch the brief “Savour Every Moment” film which was on a continuous loop. Our Brand Ambassadors capitalized on that interest to open brand conversations and present the products on display inside the booth.
At the second interactive experience visitors were invited to write a love note or inspirational message to their pet on a parchment balloon, which was then displayed from a high hanging lighted grid within the booth. Each balloon collected resulted in a food donation to a local pet charity, which resulted in a high level of consumer engagement in the program!
The third interactive experience provided the opportunity for families and their pets to have their photos taken with their balloon love note in order to share their visit and experience on Facebook including the Petcurean Facebook page.
The fourth interactive experience featured a visual display of the food in large and transparent food tubes, where booth visitors could view the difference in the Petcurean brand as compared to a generic brand. At this station our Brand Ambassadors could share the Petcurean Difference, discuss the consumer’s pets nutritional needs and concerns, and then recommend a Petcurean diet that would be an excellent fit for their pet.

These story-telling activities connected the Petcurean brand attributes in a special way with each consumer and their pet’s nutrition. Each of the conversations was completed with a Petcurean diet recommendation, the offer of a high value coupon or a pet food sample, and the sharing of a list of local retailers pulled down from the web site.

The Results

This highly successful campaign contributed to record-breaking revenue growth, and a key opportunity to strengthen Petcurean’s relationship with retailers, the animal-lover community. The brand saw significantly expanded brand awareness, and was able to create valuable earned media and build market share.

Feedback from consumers as well as our brand ambassadors was overwhelmingly positive:
“Thank you for what you are doing here!” (an animal lover and charity stakeholder)
“I love this brand!” (a loyal customer)
“Thank you for your advice. I will definitely try Now Fresh” (a new customer)
“I loved working this activation!” (A brand ambassador)
“Thank you for the opportunity to work with this brand!” (A brand ambassador)