Front Line Donor Development

Front Line Donor Development

We understand many of the challenges of 21st Century Fundraising. Among them: managing growth objectives in the face of declining economic confidence, coping with an increasingly crowded athletic event space, finding and interacting with the illusive yet highly desirable Active Consumer, and the task of building capacity despite tight budgets.

Our full spectrum of innovative field-based marketing tools and services are designed to identify new sources of donor support, drive community awareness for your fundraising events, and solicit donations with face to face interactions.

Strategic POP Campaigns

A well-orchestrated Strategic POP Campaign will deliver more value to your campaign than a much more costly media buy. Our strategically placed, and closely managed field work delivers as much exposure as an outdoor billboard, a print campaign or a broadcast campaign. In fact, top fundraising event managers consider POPs as an essential and cost effective part of the awareness campaign.

Lead Generation

Deployed to carefully selected high-traffic locations, our high energy Lead Gen Teams target new audiences of potential supporters, initiate valuable one-on-one conversations and uncover new donors and event registrants, to capture important contact information for follow up. Ongoing lead generation is essential to maintaining the vitality and growth of your event.

Face to Face Fundraising

Tapping into our deep knowledge of Canada’s cities and demographics, we will design a high impact fundraising campaign in neighbourhoods, in high traffic urban areas, or at private events. Tactful, committed and well trained Fundraising Ambassadors work efficiently and diligently to build your monthly donor base.

Whether local, provincial or national, we will work with you and your Development Team to build a Front Line Donor Development Program to suit your budget and deliver the results you need to advance your organization’s mission in the field!